What You need to Know About Packaging Print Options for Retail Presentation

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to packaging print options for your retail product, presentation and appearance plays a huge impact in your ability to keep product moving onto and off the big box shelves. It is important to know that various types of packaging print designs work better than others for various merchandise. When you contact the best packaging print company for retail products, the true expert organizations will understand your products inside and out and present various packaging design options that help present your items in the most desirable light for shoppers. Here is an overview of various packaging print options to consider.

Litholam Corrugate Boxes for Retail Packaging Print Options

Would you buy something in a dull cardboard box on the shelf? Of course not. However, litholam corrugate boxes add tremendous visual appeal to an ordinary box. Not only are these boxes sturdier at protecting your product, they also give brands a leg up in promoting what’s inside with amazing graphics and product photography. If you have a large or heavy product, this packaging print option is ideal. The top packaging print companies also recommend litholam corrugate boxes for toys, beverages, various sporting goods and auto parts. If you ship your products to multiple stores across America and overseas it is also a preferred option for its durability. This packaging print option gives a polished look allowing for great ink and image capture, and is everything that cheap, poorly planned packaging is not.

Plastic PET Boxes for Retail Product Packaging

If your product has a feature that makes it unique, and you can tell by visually observing the item, utilizing plastic retail boxes is ideal because they offer visibility. When shoppers see your product to scale and take notice of the original design, see how the features work, or are able to sense quality with their eyes, the change of them choosing your brand over another significantly increases. If you experience product loss and the store’s loss prevention unit is not performing their job, using plastic PET boxes can help reduce shoplifting. Not only is the package awkward to sneak under a jacket, but it is very sturdy and requires a knife or scissors to open the packaging. Small luxury items are also ideal for plastic boxes, as well as small electronics and office supplies. Cardboard elements can be added to allow for packaging print, such as product photography or your brand’s logo graphic with some listed benefits.

Folding Cartons for Packaging Print Needs

If your retail products are lighter and smaller, folding cartons can be an excellent option for packaging print presentation. Folding cartons are the most common box types. In fact, 75% of retail items requiring boxes go to folding cartons. Folding cartons allow brands a lot of freedom when it comes to design. They can be plain and have minimal design, or be exploding with color and graphics. Packaging print companies even provide options to include foil sampling, matte and UV coatings, and really make the box look fancy. This option is more affordable than litholam corrugate, especially when ordering them in bulk from a trusted packaging printing company.

Contact a product packaging printing company today, and discover which box type is ideal to move your products and enable greater brand growth.