How to Find the Best Stage Design Company Specializing in Multimedia Art

Whether you have a branded event, are launching a product, or in need of a multimedia installation for a special event, finding the best stage design company specializing in multimedia art will help fuel the creative and technological abilities to make everything truly memorable. The stage offers a wonderland dwelling place for experimenting with the latest technologies to help foster creative ideas. Simply hiring a lighting company with the ability to do a little 3D mapping won’t cut it. Instead, look for a team of creative responsive media experts with innovating ways to take the most intriguing ideas and project them through various forms of technology to draw audiences into a special world where reality and fantasy come together.

Multimedia Shows by the Best Stage Design Company

Check to see what types of shows were engineered by the best stage design companies you investigate. Ask what the client’s goals were, what message they were trying to deliver, and how the stage design company was able to enhance this through multimedia art. Also, what other mediums and live action accoutrements were used to put the fine touches on the stage design? For example, an innovative multimedia show for Therr Maitz live concert in Moscow relied on the newest technologies in stage design. A transparent haze-filled structure was used as a projection surface with real-time 3D scans of the artists to be used as a portion of the video content in the light show. All of these elements came together to be a key part of the overall performance.

Experimental Stage Design Using Multimedia Art

Experimental multimedia for stage design is a term that describes an interdisciplinary arena where interactive functionings are run through customised interactive multimedia platforms using specially designed applications to enhance content. This often requires advanced interaction needs.

One perfect example of this can be seen in the 2017 stage design for Ivan Dorn at the Lastochka Festival. The big challenge for this event was creating a stage design that would have full impact during the daylight. The stage design company got around this obstacle by using the scene during the singer’s performance into the art itself thanks to 120 stroboscopes, 70 meters of film, bright light strips, eight fog machines, 20 liters of liquid soap, 16 industrial fans, four inflatable dancers and four travesties. The daylight helped enhance these materials to come together in a true masterful experimental multimedia stage design that people talked about all the way into 2018.

The Best Stage Design Companies Create Content Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

When looking for the best stage design company using multimedia art, don’t settle for the ordinary. Find the company that offers outrageous content, one that attempted the unthinkable and excelled beyond the stars, and that brought an immersive experience to audiences around the globe using various technologies to create content that blows the mind. From conception and ideation to storyboards and event screenplays, look for the stage design company that offers creative, production and technical marks that bring everything together to create an unforgettable staged event.