How 3D Mapping and Multimedia Art Enhance Main Event Specials

Main event specials present a highly demanding and competitive arena for conveying a message, telling a story, and promoting a product or an idea. It requires organizers always finding new ways of presenting content, as repeat tactics cause boredom and cause people to drop off like flies.

Multimedia technology offers a plethora of possibilities for enhancing the ability to entertain audiences with innovative storytelling methods. This is why savvy brands turn to the best multimedia technology 3D mapping companies to seek creative leadership for designing the stage at their main event specials. Here are some of the ways videomapping artists help brands increase sales and help entertainers put on amazing main event specials.

What is 3D Mapping?

If you are new to your role, you may not know what exactly 3D mapping is.

Also known as projection mapping and spatial augmented reality, 3D mapping is a multimedia technology type that project two dimensional objects onto three dimensional surfaces. These projection mapping surfaces can range from oblong shaped onbl=jects on a stage, to city landscapes, and from mountains to random objects like cars, furniture and trees. This is called spatial mapping, and its capabilities rely on various software foundations along with the minds of creative artists.

3D Mapping Enhances Storytelling

Every brand, musician and main event special has a story to tell, and when audiences can be drawn into the event, that story will better resonate. For example, if a recording artist has a song that requires audience participation (Queen used to do this) videomapping artists can scan images of fans in the audience and randomly project their likeness onto a mapping surface to bring audience members onto the stage and root them directly into the performance itself.

3D mapping also enhances storytelling by creating life in non-living organisms and making them a part of the main event special. For example, if the stage is behind a government building and the main event special has a local political agenda, creating an animated 3D mapping design on that building can give it movement, and by uniting it with the story, the main event special with thrive with a new kind of life that will captivate crowds and draw them in.

3D Mapping Helps Consumers Live the Products

Many main event specials exist in the world of consumerism and branded marketing. And 3D mapping along with artistic installations present an ideal way to let audiences experience products without even touching them. For example, the Audi Brand Summit in 2018 sought the help of a videomapping stage design company to for the world premiere of the Audi Q8. Here, multimedia technology artists created custom configurations of tools to reveal the car model with multilayered LED scene constructions on the lakeshire. A massive lighting setup, multimedia content and mobile LED screen were then synchronized with a live dance troupe performance along with custom technological elaborations. The technology and live performance added a human streak to enhance audience connection and excitement thus helping them experience the car without ever having taken it for a test drive.