Claves Para Un Gran Diseño de Marketing de Contenido

Los expertos de narración visual ayudan a las compañías a contar sus historias a través de anuncios. Como personas, somos cuentacuentos. La pregunta es, ¿cómo utilizamos los elementos visuales para influir en la emoción, para que una audiencia vea sus imágenes, para quedarse y, finalmente, volver?

El objetivo principal  es convertir las iniciativas de marca en una narrativa con el mismo calibre de informes que el trabajo editorial tradicional de grandes periódicos alrededor del mundo.

Los proyectos de marca como este ilustran el importante papel que desempeña el diseño web Tijuana en el logro de los objetivos comerciales. Cuando el diseño mejora la calidad de la experiencia del espectador, también puede traducirse en un aumento cuantitativo, como la profundidad de desplazamiento y las métricas de compromiso, que son importantes para la marca.

Los mejores creativos digitales, se desglosó los tres elementos que impulsan un gran diseño de contenido en periódicos de gama mundial.

Empieza con la narrativa.

Cuando te encargues de un proyecto, lo primero con lo que tienes que comenzar es la historia. Ella advierte a los diseñadores a resistir la tentación de construir para una plataforma o un truco visual.

Primero comenzar con la idea y luego cómo se distribuirá a través de varias plataformas. La historia siempre debe venir primero, luego el medio y la plataforma después.

Una trama bien elaborada

Debe impulsar el proceso creativo visual. Este marco establece pautas para el equipo creativo que se traducirá en una experiencia mejorada para el espectador. Si todos en el equipo no están pensando en la historia visual con la creación del proyecto, es probable que no funcione.

Para iniciar este proceso, los equipos creativos deben averiguar qué colores, diseños y elementos visuales son relevantes para la marca y el producto, luego usar imágenes, fotografías y videos para formar una conexión con el público.

No los sobrecargue con imágenes de la cultura pop, memes o cualquier cosa que no resuene con su marca.


How Organizations Find the Best Military Power Supplies Manufacturer

Whether you are a government contractor, work in the aerospace industry, or you are responsible for armed forces operational solutions, finding custom military power supplies for defense and avionics needs is a challenging task.

Military power supplies for avionics and defense fall under strict compliance standards with an expansive array of challenging logistical and technical requirements. From the ability to be installed quickly, accurately, and under the harshest conditions, to providing flawless operation in the most demanding missions, performance across the board is critical to a mission’s success. Here are some consideration points to take into account when looking for a military power supplies company capable of engineering custom components for your unique needs.

Testing Military Power Supplies

The best military power supplies companies use diverse military AC and DC power testing applications to ensure the highest quality in field use.

Likely, your military power supplies requirements will need to fall within high compliance standards to Military Power Tests that include Airbus AMD24C for avionics, or MIL-STD 704. All electrical power characteristics must be tested under multiple conditions to appease Shipboard Electrical Power, Aircraft Electrical Power, AC and DC systems, and other platforms.

Regulations are tight, so ask to see a historical pass log of the company’s military power supply testing results to ensure you are partnering with a highly capable company able to deliver your products with top pass ratings.

Military Power Supplies Product Designs

Today’s top military power supply manufacturers are known for their ability to perform research power testing solutions for customized designs. This is an extremely challenging arm of the industry, and not all manufacturers are capable of this without outsourcing to third parties which only increases spend and prolongs ETA.

There are many needs for AC power supplies, as there are DC for military use. For example, the AC to DC converter can be customized for aquatic environments where pressure from great depths is a constant condition, to high altitude locales with extreme moisture and sudden jolts. Not all military power supplies designers are able to test a products AC specifications under the right conditions, thus having a negative impact on reliability. Make sure you partner with a military power supply company that can offer custom design solutions for single and three phase power transformers, in the desired or multiple condition types.

Other Considerations for Partnering with a Military Power Supplier
In addition to the previously mentioned points (some are further expanded here), make sure the following are relevant to your military power supplies manufacturer:

  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, thermal protection
  • Compliance to national standards: MIL-STD 1275, 704, 461 & 810, DEF-STAN 59-411, 61-5pt 6 issue 5 or 6.
  • Redundant and parallel operation
  • Conduction-cooling or convection
  • Reliability via conservative component de-rating
  • Expansive operating temperature ranges that typically fall between -40°C to 70°C
  • A standard of rugged build design
  • Full Design Verification Testing (DVT)
  • EMC/EMI immunity to surges and spikes
  • Long product life cycle
  • End of Life Management (EOL)
  • Massive input voltage range for DC battery inputs
  • Team of dedicated, consistent project managers

Make sure each one of these points is ticked off, and you can enjoy decades of productivity working with the best military power supplies company in the country ensuring the best service and attention to high standards, budget and seamless communication.

How Post Production Managers can Find the Best ADR Film Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the movie capital of the world. From the golden age of Hollywood to today’s cutting-edge superhero films, movies have evolved and taken interesting turns. As suc

If you are looking for ADR film services in Los Angeles chances are you aren’t satisfied with your current studio, or you are new to your role and are looking for a reliable, high-quality voice over recording studio specializing in film. This article will help develop your thought process ins finding the best ADR film services in Los Angeles, from a studio you can partner with for decades to come.

Look at the ADR Studio Portfolio

There’s no excuse for an ADR studio in Los Angeles to have lackluster clients and projects in their portfolio. If this is the case, you can dismiss them because they are clearly only able to draw small-time novices.

Look for a voice over recording studio in Los Angeles specializing in film and television that has worked with the top film studios, best actors, and award-winning programs. If the ADR Los Angeles studio can prove a lengthy history in working with Oscar-nominated and Emmy-nominated projects, you know you are looking at a voice over recording studio that offers the highest quality in the industry.

Equipment (Especially Microphones) Matters for ADR Studios

In order to create an exceptional audible experience, 44,100 samples per second are required to accurately perceive sound. When it comes to background noise in films and human voices, only the highest quality audio recording can give listeners the ultimate experience. Ask the top post production supervisors, production supervisors and directors what the most important elements are to finding a great ADR studio in Los Angeles, and they will tell you this: microphones.

Standard LDC (large diaphragm condenser) recording studio mics for voice over recording come in many varieties, but the Neumann U87 is known for its reliable quality and broad dynamic range is the first mic you should look for in an ADR recording studio locker. Any worthy voice over recording studio will have this mic, and if they don’t, it’s a bad sign. You should also demand the Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic for its hyper defined on-axis address that allows it to isolate the voice it’s aimed at.

Did you know that 90 percent of animation dialogue recording is harnessed with a U87? Make sure your Los Angeles ADR studio offers these mics, as they set the standard for recording audio with a reliable sound. You will learn that many ADR Los Angeles studios don’t have this mic because its price-point is high. However, any ADR film studio that is truly a top-notch professional operation should have at least one of these in their mic locker. Veteran post audio production managers, production managers and directors know the reputation the U87 holds and the huge gap in quality they set when compared to other mics. Make sure the ADR studio has this paramount mic to give your project amazing sound next to none!